About Us

A Cut Above the Rest has breathed new life into historical properties for 26 years. We love exploring a property during a historic home restoration and uncovering its unique story.

man fixing beamsOur commitment to provide refurbishing on wood moldings, windows, and doors exclusively to historic properties is a service that is as unique as your home. Where many general contractors prefer to work on modern homes due to their simple design and basic solutions, we prefer the challenge that is inherent in a historic home restoration.

At an early age, owner Jeffrey Linton showed a love for carpentry. As early as the age of 7, Linton began to experiment with woodworking, it wasn’t long until he discovered a natural talent for the skill. As he grew up, Linton’s projects increased in size and complexity. From wooden cars, to building custom furniture, wooden windows and doors. Throughout his teenage years, Linton spent his summers working on several construction sites, picking up the skills necessary for becoming a proficient contractor. Linton’s first full time position was with Stabile Companies which he served for many years on several complete home renovations. Over this time, Linton developed that love for historic home restoration that our company is well-known for.


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We Prefer The Challenge

By choosing A Cut Above the Rest, you’re getting a team of talented home contractors that have an eye for historical construction. Our number one goal for a project is to maintain the historical integrity of a site. We work with any local historical societies that are interested in maintaining your home’s authenticity. Despite offering complete home renovations, you can trust us to retain the authenticity that makes your property unique. We’re particularly skilled at dating wood baseboards and baseboard moldings.

Reliability and Hardwork

For a reliable historic home restoration, A Cut Above the Rest is a reliable choice. We work hard to make sure amidst all the changes, your property still retains the historic ambiance it originally had. From old wood floor restoration to entire home renovation, we take pride of our attention to details. We will take the time to find authentic parts and materials for wood floor restoration and your home. If we’re unable to find them, we will be willing and able to construct the parts ourselves.