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1857 Victorian Renovations To Attic Space, NH

This project started out as an attic space on the 3rd floor. The owners wanted us to finish create “a man cave” in the attic space. One of the items saved from the attic space was an original Bead board that was reclaimed and used in the 1910 carriage house/wood shop seen in the other gallery photos.


1910 Carriage House Renovated Into Woodshop, NH

This Carriage house was part of the Chauncey Foster Ryder’s art colony. He spent his summers in The Monadnock region of New Hampshire with other artists, painting landscapes of the mountainous region in Southern New Hampshire. It has since been remodeled into a woodworking shop.


1910 Federal In Northern Manchester, NH

7 years ago, I started with the construction of a 2 car garage attached to the original carriage house. After the 2 car garage was completed, work proceeded on repairing and rebuilding all of the decks and porches surrounding the home. The 2 car garage that was not original to the home was torn down, revealing the original sun room of the home. After further investigation, it was found that the sun room had deteriorated too much to be saved, and needed to be rebuilt entirely, which now sits on the right side of the home seen in images below.

Today’s project is the restoration of the original chauffeur quarters located in the carriage house behind the home. As more progress on this renovation becomes completed, we will update our gallery with the completed work.


1850 Carriage House

This project had been on the books and talked about for many years. The home owner asked to save the beadboard that lined the chauffeur’s garage walls and ceiling, in order to reuse it as Wainscoting throughout the second floor where the chauffeur once lived. At one point the Carriage House had been moved to a lot next door, when the present home owner bought the house, part of the deal was to move the Carriage house back to its original location. Needless to say moving a building is very hard on the building itself. The West facing front wall was out of level by 5″, and the back wall was out of level by 2.5 inches. We gutted all the spruce boards that covered all the interior of the second floor, removed all nob and tube wiring, and all the brass waterlines, we took out all the steam heaters, and piping for that too. Now we were dealing with the bare bones of this old beauty. We took chains and looped them around the top plates of the front and back walls every 4 feet, then put 20 ton comalongs in 8 different locations, and gently pulled the walls back into place each morning and evening for several weeks, while this was happening we had built a 2×12 caring beam at the top of the roof line and raised the roof as the walls came in. Most of the moulding was saved, but I had to make a lot of it to match existing. As you can see in the pictures it was a lengthy project, but it came out beautiful.

1912 NH Cape Stairway Renovations, NH

This stairway was originally a homeowners project. He tried to disassemble his stairway in order to refinish it, only to find how complex the project really was. When I arrived on site, all of the staircase pieces were in a pile. I was able to reorganize and relabel the pieces to correctly reassemble the staircase. This process was completed in a 14 day period.


1923 Cape Bottle Neck Catwalk, Naraganssette Bay, RI

I got a call from the homeowner who wanted to do something about connecting her bedroom entry to her future rooftop deck. I came up with the idea of making a lattice walkway so that it would be see-through and also allow the ceiling fan above the walkway to pull or push the air to the sitting area below the walkway. Having the walkway see through also allowed beautiful sun and moon lighting spot squares to show through on the 1st floor. The design of the walkway was created using only 1.25 inches sq. holes ensuring no pet or person would fall through.


1924 Cape Renovations To Breakfast Room, NH

On this project, the homeowners wanted to have a breakfast nook added to their home. Older homes typically don’t have large seating areas, so we built a small 4 x 10 foot addition and designed the custom seating with a pass through to the kitchen wall. This allowed for easy transition of food and plates to go from the seating area to the kitchen sink.


1930’s Cottage, Renovations After Flood

While the homeowner was away on vacation over the winter, the waterline froze and burst under the kitchen sink. The bursting caused mass flooding in the basement and first floor, and also damage to the 2nd floor from the amount of moisture in the home. These images are showing the damage that was done at the time. More photos of the completed work to follow.


1980’s Three Season Porch in NH

Even though this is not an old historic home, the homeowners were previous clients of mine that wanted a three season porch built on the back of their home so that they could enjoy their backyard. In creating this porch I used a tongue and grove pine cathedral ceiling, screened walls for airflow, and an outdoor deck that exits to a fire pit patio.


Rainwall Installation, Bedford, NH

This is a custom built home that required a rain wall designed by the architect to allow the exterior siding to breathe, and to prevent mold and mildew. It has a screen opening at the base to allow air to flow from the bottom to top of the wall.


1749 Grist Mill, Windham, NH

These images are of 1749 Grist Mill, on Beaver Brook in Windham, New Hampshire, which I did renovations to back in 1988-1990.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a waterfall at the back of the Mill, which produces electricity for the home. This old mill has burned several times in its past, and in 1900 it was rebuilt as a grist mill, used for manufacturing nails, cider, and even umbrellas. Prior to being bought in 1988, it was operating as a machine shop before the old mill went under a Lavish 1.8 million dollar renovation. Rounding out the property is a Bell Tower and three stall Carriage House, which are not original to the mill.



These images show a custom built bookcase designed to disguise the customers HVAC unit. The whole center of the bookcase allows for the heating and air conditioning unit to blow air out from the back of the cabinet.

The bookcase sits in a sun room of the 1910 Federal home that I have done other work on, which can be seen in the 1910 Federal In Northern Manchester, NH gallery section.


Stairway Projects

These stairways, are all custom made and installed. These treads cannot be bought, but have to be made by hand due to their unusual size and shape.


Special Projects

Here you can see several different pictures of custom book cases, cabinetry, soffit brackets, etc.

I am presently in process of repairing 20 Copulas, making a Custom set of Beech Wood Stair treads and Handrails for the 1910 Carriage House, also I’m working on building Custom Handrails for the 1905 Queen Anne Victorian Veranda. There are several more projects waiting to be completed.


Historic Equipment & Tools

Some of these tools were powered by water at one point in their life, now converted to Three Phase power. Most of these pieces of equipment are older than I, but still maintain their original ability to work hard.


1910 Bungalow Home, Southern NH Mountains

A beautiful coffered ceiling was installed in this 1910 Bungalow home.


1900 Building, Back Bay of Boston

his was a 2014 winter project I took on for a Client of mine. It was to renovate the tiny bathroom, and Kitchen area. The bathroom door opened into the vanity, and made it very difficult to enter. We installed a pocket door, relocated the shower, toilet, vanity, making it a much more usable space. By adding the pocket door it increased the square footage by 8 square feet, which was a huge addition to the 32 square foot original bathroom.


1905 Queen Anne Victorian, Manchester, NH

This is a project I took on this summer, which turned out to be a lot more work than estimated. The entire main frame beam was rotten, and had to be replace along the entire length of this wrap around porch.

It has been a fun project, I worked it in between several other projects this summer. I am presently working on building the custom handrails that had to be replaced. More pictures will follow.


Cape Cod Portico

The job started out with finding what type of Greek Revival Trim was on the 1850’s home. It appears that at one point some contractors convinced previous home owners to side the home with vinyl siding, well what happened to the Corbels, dental, and 16″ wide fluted corner boards? I suspect they carfully removed and sold as reclaimed materials. So I had little to go by with as for style and sizes. I did loads of research and found some older homes in that era. I blew up photos in order to copy what was used, then duplicated them, and installed according to size of the Portico, and proportion of the Corbels and Dental. As you can see it did come out looking very nice.


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