With over 70 years of combined experience, A Cut Above the Rest has mastered the art of restoring historic properties.

men talking in atticWe are more than your average restoration company in New Hampshire. Homes built decades (and in some cases, centuries) ago have unique custom wood moldings and wood trim work that are completely unique to their era.

Homes built in these time periods all have a unique story, it’s told in their ornate wood rim, the master crafted windows and doors, and they’re all begging to be told! We love performing wood floor restoration on any historic home restoration simply because there is so much to learn.


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Any home renovation ideas are possible with a Cut Above the Rest.

Preserving Heritage

Our goal in all our historic home restorations is to retain the authenticity of your home. If it involves the structure of a home, we will perform custom home renovations. On any given project, a client will contact us and we’ll make an on-site visit. We complete a thorough assessment of your property so we can perform the most fitting custom home renovations. From there we will listen to the client’s vision and suggest suitable exterior or interior home renovations whether that be wood floor restoration or custom wood moldings, we’re only limited by your imagination. 

Building the Future. Restoring the Past

The most desired trait of a historic home is authenticity, we understand the value in wood trim work that doesn’t compromise the historic appeal of the home. At A Cut Above the Rest, we determine what style of construction was used and what period it came from, then we can get a better idea of what products to look for. If your home uses exclusively double hang windows, we’ll find the parts and implement them throughout the home. We want to preserve your historic property’s unique nature, and through authentic wood floor restoration and custom wood moldings we make that possible!

If we cannot find a specific product, we will take the time to custom make that product. We are committed to preserving any and all historic sites! For wood baseboards and crown moldings that aren’t in circulation anymore, we use a special tool called the sticker machine. The sticker machine is a device that we can use to recreate any type of wood moldings. By taking the profile of any wood trim work, we can recreate any decorative moldings that may be in your home.

We Specialize

While we specialize in specializing in custom molding, we don’t limit ourselves toon
historic home renovations. Our seasoned contractors also repair and match existing hardwood flooring and trim work. We also duplicate ornate exterior trim work, pillars and customs duplication of lattice work.

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If we cannot find a specific product, we will take the time to custom make that product for you. In all our historic home restoration projects, the goal is to retain the authenticity of your home.