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On a historic home requires patience, craftsmanship, and steady hands.

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A Cut Above the Rest

Historical homes require highly specialized services for complete home renovations. Before mass production became the norm, craftsmen were expected to create exquisite products using the finest materials. Any historic home restoration projects will require a number of specialized tools and products that aren’t widely available anymore. To that end, your average every day home renovator won’t reliably deliver the desired results.

man on a ladder beside house porchA Cut Above the Rest is a different type of restoration company. We perform complete home renovations, exclusively on historic home restoration projects. Historic properties have a unique nature about them. Each historic home comes with a narrative that is entirely unique. We love uncovering your home’s story while performing our historic home restoration.

On any given project, we can spot details in your property’s craftsmanship that will identify the time period it was introduced to the home, what the original layout might have looked like, if the windows and doors are authentic, and much more!

We Will Go to You

While A Cut Above the Rest is a New Hampshire based company, we stress to potential clients that we are not restricted by any particular location. If the circumstances are right and the price is right, we are willing to travel anywhere within the United States to work on your historic property’s complete home renovation. We understand the importance of maintaining a historic property’s authenticity. On any project, we will search far and wide to find period appropriate products.

If we aren’t successful in our search, then we can manufacture the product ourselves! This goes for any and all materials you would find in a home, right down to the baseboards and decorative moldings.

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